Monday, April 20, 2015

Rap Battle at Old Tyme Vintage Photos.

You lace up your Adidas pumps and put on your sunglasses.  You can hear the crowd roar in the background as you practice your flow in front of a mirror in the hallway that connects to the alley where your next battle will be taking place.  The impromptu backstage area is cramped, but it’s got style.  “This is it.”  You think to yourself.

Like Marshall Mathers in 8 Mile, but 20 years earlier, you step out into an alleyway of screaming fans and raise your hands in the air, the undisputed rap battle champ of Nashville, the classic, the untouchable.  Your wide rim glasses, Kangol hat and thick gold chain say it all.  You are the FUNK MASTER.

You turn your back from where your opponent will be entering the alley and get revved up from some members of your posy and hear the crowd gasp.   You turn in horror and face your ultimate rival, rap genius of the century, the only power packed hip-hop assassin under the age  of 10, your own son!

At Old Tyme Vintage Photos, we specialize in play.  Our 1980’s Run DMC style outfits and spraypaint backdrop will take you and your family back to an age of hip-hop past and our family fun photographers will capture all of the silly moments you and your loved ones discover! 

Not interested in getting jiggy with it?  Old Tyme Vintage Photos also has cowboy and saloongirl outfits, as well as old west backdrops.  Have a hootin’ hollerin’ good time playing cowboys and outlaws, or laugh a little, cozying up next to your loved one in our old time bathtub with fake bubble cloth.

Or take your family back to Victorian England a la Marie Antionette and pose in classic portrait fashion like the aristocracy of yore. 

One thing’s certain, at Old Tyme Vintage Photos, we know how to do family fun photography.  If you live in Nashville or are visiting the Nashville area and are interested in tourist photography, contact us today!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cool Parents take their kids to get Cool Photos

School’s out, Friday night and you’re looking for something fun and conversational to do with the kids for the evening.  Last week was baseball week, you went to the batting cages and took swings with your son while your daughter groaned and begrudgingly swung away in a cage of her own (outhitting you both course).  On the flip side, the previous week you did horseback riding and your daughter was in heaven while your son followed on a pony and wined as you wound your way through the park.

This week, you need a winner activity on all fronts, something fun that both your son and daughter will enjoy.  You need something interactive and conversational, an activity that will leave you all with a memento to remember the night.  What you need, is Old Tyme Vintage Photos.

Old Tyme Vintage Photos in Nashville, Tn is the number one family fun photography center in all of Tennessee.  We have a number of backdrops and costumes from the Victorian Era, to the Old West, all the way up to Run DMC hip-hop outfits from the 1980’s.  Get dressed up in silly outfits!  Our vintage photographer will stage you and your loved ones in an old time photo full of classic photography memories.  Whether you want something in sepiatone or spray paint, we’ve got the look for you.

And don’t fight over who gets to keep the picture in their room after you photo session with Old Tyme Vintage Photos.  Right now, our vintage photographers are doing buy one get one free pictures.

If you’re in the Music City and you’re looking to make memories with your kids, visit us today!