Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It’s official: selfies are out and sepiatone is in.   Who knows it?  Our photographer at Old Tyme Vintage Photos, the number one spot for family fun and vintage photos in Nashville, TN.

Want to add a little more grit to your next family portrait?   Our vintage photographer has a saloon set from the Old West, cowboy hats, vests, stirrups, spurs and boots; for the ladies: corset dresses, wide brimmed hats, lacy gloves, and a space wide enough for a kick line.  Can you say Can-Can? 

Cue music.

Whether you’re visiting from out of town and looking for some great Nashville memories to take home to your jealous friends back in Delaware (wop wop) or you’re a local looking for someone in Nashville to take fun, old time photography, come to Old Tyme Photos.

Not convinced? We don’t just do the old West.  Our space has Victorian era and 80’s hip-hop swag, too.  So put down your busted iPhone, get off your couch and come get some classic photography from a real vintage photographer!

If you’re dying to get your picture taken and you’re ready to be silly, check out our website at

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bring out your inner child!

Whether you have children, or just need to cut loose, at Old Tyme Vintage photos, we know how to have a good time.

Located at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 1st street in historic Downtown Nashville, Tennessee, Old Tyme Vintage Photos is costume shop, meets photo booth, meets Hollywood set.  We offer a great afternoon of laughs and family fun photography.  We have Western, Victorian, and ‘80’s hip-hop outfits a la Run DMC and “Do the Right Thing.”  We also have a number of sets and backdrops to put you and your family in the setting, not just in costume.

Teenagers, tweens, kids, and toddlers all love our vintage photographer and get a kick out of seeing their sepiatone images printed out after an afternoon of silly poses and props.  And parents love us for our inviting, family friendly environment!

When it comes to Nashville photography, you won’t find anything more fun than the vintage photos at Old Tyme Vintage photos.  We are the place for tourists looking for tourist photography to come cut loose.  Don’t just set up a tripod and snap a few shots in front of Fort Nashboro to let us know you were here.  Take a trip to Old Tyme Vintage photos and snap a silly shot that will leave you remembering  your trip for years to come!

For more information, visit our website Here.