Wednesday, March 4, 2015

True Grit at Old Tyme Vintage Photos

Tumbleweeds roll past a double-hinged saloon door as a little girl and her mother rush across a deserted street.  From the looks of the buildings, this wooden town was thrown up overnight.  Your stirrups hit the dirt road hard and kick up a cloud of dust around your well-worn cowboy boots.  Cautiously, you put your hand on your holster and cock your pistol.  The deputy standing by your side is only knee high and barely fits a cowboy hat, but you know he’s got your back.  And you know who’s on the other side of those double doors, and with him only comes trouble

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a trip back to the old west? At Old Tyme Vintage Photos, we’ve got you covered.  Our family fun photography studio has old western sets fun for people of all ages to make believe they’re cowboys and outlaws saloon girls or Western debutants.

The destination for Nashville tourist photography, especially for families and young people looking for loads of laughs and a souvenir photo to remember it all, the sepiatone old time photography at Old Tyme Vintage photos will leave you looking like a blast from the past.

And if the old west isn’t your jam, we also have urban spray paint backdrops and crazy Run DMC style gold chains, shades, and jackets.

So strap on you’re Adidas or your stirrups and come over to Old Tyme Vintage Photos for a fun filled photo session!


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